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East Macedonia & Thrace

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Region of East Macedonia & Thrace

The Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace occupies the northeastern part of Greece. It borders with Turkey easterly, Bulgaria northern and with the Regional Unit of Serres westerly. Southwest is washed by the Aegean Sea and southeast by the Thracian Sea. It includes the Regional Unities: Drama, Kavala, Xanthi, Rodopi and Evros.

It has a total area of 14.157 thousand hectares and covers the 10.7% of the total area of the country.

Also includes two major islands of Thracian Sea, Thassos and Samothrace. 

Crossroad of major sea and land routes by which, for thousands of years, are moving people and goods, ideas and habits to and from the four cardinal points: from the Black Sea and Asia to Western Europe and from North Europe and the Balkans to the Mediterranean and North Africa.

The traces of its history, that start from the Paleolithic season and arrive to our days, are everywhere: caves, rock paintings, forts, temples, theaters, citadels, mines, graves, tumuli, marble quarries, Christian monuments, monasteries and holy places , aqueducts, Islamic monuments, traditional villages, Megara, mansions, tobacco warehouses.

The Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, during the ancient times, was covered by forests at the rate of about 80%, but today this percentage has limited to 55% per area. In its extent there are trackless forests, virgin nature, high mountains, rich flora and fauna, large rivers, lakes and lagoons and an endless coastline with clear blue waters and friendly beaches.

The region is a place of music, dance, feast and ritual. Dionysus and Orpheus never left from this earth. The reversals of nature (winter, spring, etc.) give an opportunity for reversals of another class: masquerading and walking over fires, and outspoken sprees, kidnappings and robberies, all in the context of ritual.

Castle of Kavala

Castle of Kavala The castle of Kavala is at the top of the peninsula where the old city is built. During Byzantine times and after them successive reconstructions and interventions in the fortification ...

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Archaelogical Site of Alyki

Archaelogical Site of Alyki The peninsula of Alyki is located on the southeastern side of Thassos, 32km from the port. On both sides of the peninsula, there are formed two natural creeks that were ...

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MULTIPLEX SPACE OF ART & THOUGHT The building known as the garrison headquarter of Xanthi, is located in the Old Town of Xanthi and is described as a piece of art and as a historical monument. ...

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Tekes of Kizil Deli

Tekes of Kizil Deli The Tekes of Segit Ali Sultan, known also as Tekes of Kizil Deli or Tekes of Roussa is located 3 km outside the village Roussa (Turkish: Ruşenler, Rousenler), inhabited mostly ...

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Baptistery of St. Lydia

Baptistery of St. Lydia Located 15 km from the city of Kavala and next to the archaeological site of Philippi. There, in the river Zygakti is the point where the Apostle Paul baptized the ...

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Mosque on Doiranis street, Xanthi (Mouchatzir)

Mosque on Doiranis street, Xanthi (Mouchatzir) The mosque is located in the boundaries of the district Mouchatzir (Asa Mahalle), on Doiranis street and consists of the mosque and the house of the Imam. The mosque is ...

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Nestos Nestos river is one of the major rivers of Greece, with great economic and ecological significance. It stems from Rila mountain (2.716m.), in southern Bulgaria, between the Aimos and Rhodope ...

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Saliara Beach

Saliara Beach The white sand and white small pebbles, give a dazzling emerald green color to the crystal waters of this beautiful, exotic, beach! Saliara (also called Marble beach, because of its ...

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Pythio The village Pythion is located 16 km northeast of Didymoteicho, next to the river Evros and in the Byzantine times was called Empythion. There it has been reserved almost intact ...

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Xanthi A land endowed with a thousand natural beauties: the snowy peaks, wooded slopes, breathtaking beaches. Lakes and lagoons, at the boundaries with the prefecture of Rhodope, protected by the International ...

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Therma One of the most visited villages where one can enjoy a hot path in the sanative springs, visit the church of Christ, hike to the Gria Vathra and bathe in ...

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