Traveler's Guide

East Macedonia & Thrace

Mountain Simvolo


Simvolo is located to the south – east side of the Prefecture of Kavala. The west side of Simvolo is divided from Paggaio by the Pieria valley.

Because of its geographical position and its topographical shape, Simvolo has an excellent view. You can see the Delta of Nestou, Samothrace, to the east Thassos, Mount Athos and Strimona to the south, to the west Paggaio and to the north Mount Falakro and Drama’s plain.

The past few years, many attempts have been made for the development of recreational activities, such as the creation of view points and outdoor spaces for various activities.

Simvolo’s forest ecosystem is quite sensitive because of the climate and the geological changes. Although there is no important economic development besides pasturing and beekeeping, the existence of Mount Simvolo is extremely important. Its main role is protective (mainly from water) since its surface has an intense geological shape that permits a residential development on its base. Last, there is rich flora and fauna on the region.