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Holy Church of Saints Theodoroi


Location: Kato Vrontous. At the southern edge of the municipality Kato Nevrokopi of Drama there is the village of Kato Vrontous. At an altitude of 650m. the village is surrounded by forests adn hills. With traditional architecture of the houses, with their flagship, and the post-Byzantine church of Saint Theodore, it is one of a kind in the region. Built in 1835AD from local villagers, who carried the stones hand by hand, even if they were chained with human chains. In the past the church was the center of the village, while later it was transferred a few meters south. The temple is a three-aisle basilica with wooden roof and there are also a women"s loft and loggia on the west part of the south side. Inside the church important elements of the initial decoration are retained. The wooden carved temple of the central aisle was made from specialist craftsmen from the Serres. The original images are saved on the iconostasis in good condition after a single maintenance done in 1974. Formerly, there were hagiographies in the temple that were later plastered. The vicar of the church with the help of the Bishop and in cooperation with the Byzantine Antiquities Euphory of Kavala, began restoration works and highlighting of the hagiographical beauty of the church. The belfry in its initial form was wooden until 1947-1950 when it was destroyed. In 2004 a new belfry was made, which exists until today, carrying the original bells of the church. The church celebrates the Saint Theodore on the first Saturday of Lent.

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