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East Macedonia & Thrace

The bridges in area of Satres


The bridge of Pomakochoria was built in 1952 by the artisan contractor Michael Kokkinidi. Is located at the edge of the chapel of Agios Georgios and Dimitrios. The bridge of Akreo can be found 1500 meters to the left of the entrance of Satres village. The bridge of Satres is a double-arched bridge, located in the central square of Satres. The bridge of Zelenitska is a small, but beautiful bridge, located between Satres and Temenos. The bridge of Staro Selo is located south of the village’s mosque which in the local language means “old village”. The bridge of Yedi Bouris is one of the greatest monuments of Thrace after the bridge of Polyanthos which is located between Satres and the abandoned village of Polyskion. The bridge of Tsalapetinos is a large arch bridge located between Tsalapetinos and Koundouro. The bridge of Rematia, is a brdge and is located in the village of Rematia. The bridge of Kalotyxo in northeast of Satres at the Greek-Bulgarian borders.

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