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Art Silk Museum


The Silk Museum is a living thematical museum production and processing of silk in the city of Soufli.
Original exhibits combined with modern technology, leading the visitor step by step on a journey as unique as the same silk.
As part of the Museum are special tours, in landscaped areas, at organized groups and schools. Visitors can get a taste of the stage of silk production through the exhibits that work like processing of yarn till and weaving.
The exhibits are supplemented by video highlighting all stages of the breeding of silkworms up to the final product.
Housed in a neoclassical building of 1886 where located in downtown of Soufli which was renovated and opened in September 2008. For the reconstruction of the building used only natural materials such as iron and wood.
Unique masterpieces of space as the heavy iron doors, shutters and the mural in the room of paintshop were found and preserved and presented today just as it was during the construction of the building.
At the reception you can see the photographic record of the proceedings of the work of restoration.
In the building was operated store of general trade and workshop of candles something that probably justifies the existence of internal well, for fire safety reasons.

Daily 9:00 a.m - 21:00 p.m

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