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East Macedonia & Thrace



Mountains: “Falakro” Ski Resort, cliffs, canyons, River Aggitis Cave
Rhodope: Virgin forests, forests of spruce and birch forests, a unique natural beauty in Greece. The comparative advantage of prefecture is the forests and woodlands, as are being in the first rank nationally. Water is everywhere: in the heart of the capital, in the mountains: lakes, natural and artificial.
Impressive waterfalls. Mount Menoikio: villages like balconies in the plain.
A river with a thousand faces: the Nestos. Nature idyllic (“Stravorema”) and wild nature (“Arkoudorema”). Rocks full of wildflowers. Gorges with lush vegetation. And a serene valley, fertile and profitable.
Strong showing vine (Agora, Adriani, Prossotsani), do not forget that we are in the country of Dionysus. Dynamic presence of wineries.
Five areas belong to the Network NATURA 200: The Virgin Forest Frakto the area of birch forest in Western Rhodopes, the Eilat, Pyramis Koutras, the peaks of Mount Falakro, the Virgin forest of Central Europe.
Seven Wildlife refuges: River Nestos, Virgin Forest of Paranesti, Prinolofo-Mavrokordato, Aetorahi, Xeropotamou, Xaritomenis – Kali Vrisi, Lower Nevrokopi.
Traces and findings, monuments and relics of an uninterrupted human presence that starts in prehistory and ends in our days. Customs and celebrations that celebrate life and fertility with their roots deep in time. Finally, the “Short Film Festival”. A major cultural event with international reputation that has being hosted in Drama for four consecutive decades.

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  1. 2nd Festival VIA EGNATIA