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Fortress of Nymphea


The remains of the current Fortress of Nymphea or “Kale”, located approximately 4 km southwest of the village, at the 10th km of provincial road Komotini-Fortress Nymphea and few meters after the tourist pavilion of the municipality. From the old masonry (up to 5m height) survives only a part of the south side of the wall of nearly 10 m long and a battlement attached in the west of the wall. From both ends of the south side begins an arcuate configuration and in north direction the other two sides of the wall, whose existence is perceived only because of the embankments. The extent of construction from north to south is 16 meters long, while from east to west, 12.5 m long. The perimeter reaches about 61 m and the thickness of the wall 1,8 m. Probably it dates to the late Byzantine period. East and west of the fort it extents the valley. From the fort it can be seen the extensive views of the coastal plain of southern Thrace. The fort controlled the important passage between the plains of Thrace and the Bulgarian hinterland which was the easiest route

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