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East Macedonia & Thrace

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Region of East Macedonia & Thrace

The Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace occupies the northeastern part of Greece. It borders with Turkey easterly, Bulgaria northern and with the Regional Unit of Serres westerly. Southwest is washed by the Aegean Sea and southeast by the Thracian Sea. It includes the Regional Unities: Drama, Kavala, Xanthi, Rodopi and Evros.

It has a total area of 14.157 thousand hectares and covers the 10.7% of the total area of the country.

Also includes two major islands of Thracian Sea, Thassos and Samothrace. 

Crossroad of major sea and land routes by which, for thousands of years, are moving people and goods, ideas and habits to and from the four cardinal points: from the Black Sea and Asia to Western Europe and from North Europe and the Balkans to the Mediterranean and North Africa.

The traces of its history, that start from the Paleolithic season and arrive to our days, are everywhere: caves, rock paintings, forts, temples, theaters, citadels, mines, graves, tumuli, marble quarries, Christian monuments, monasteries and holy places , aqueducts, Islamic monuments, traditional villages, Megara, mansions, tobacco warehouses.

The Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, during the ancient times, was covered by forests at the rate of about 80%, but today this percentage has limited to 55% per area. In its extent there are trackless forests, virgin nature, high mountains, rich flora and fauna, large rivers, lakes and lagoons and an endless coastline with clear blue waters and friendly beaches.

The region is a place of music, dance, feast and ritual. Dionysus and Orpheus never left from this earth. The reversals of nature (winter, spring, etc.) give an opportunity for reversals of another class: masquerading and walking over fires, and outspoken sprees, kidnappings and robberies, all in the context of ritual.

Oil - Olive Museum

Oil - Olive Museum For 6000 years, for which data is available, the olive and olive oil are an integral part of the life of the Greeks and of course the residents of Thassos. ...

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Clock Tower

Clock Tower The Clock Tower was built in 1884, the era of Sultan Abdul Hamid B. In the decade of 1950 became architectural interventions and took its current form. Behind the tower ...

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Holy Church of Saint Marina

Holy Church of Saint Marina The holy church of Saint Marina in accordance with the inscription on the west side, was built in the days of Metropolitan Germanos C of Drama in 1883. Then, it ...

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Monastery of Metamorfosis Sotiros Nikiton

Monastery of Metamorfosis Sotiros Nikiton Inside a rocky, uneven but green area surrounding the villages Makrychori, Elafochori, Disvato & Stegno Highland of the river is still a humble workshop of prayer, true oasis in today’s ...

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Holy Church of Dormition of Holy Mary

Holy Church of Dormition of Holy Mary It was built like a basilica in 1870, ended up in a carved wooden roof and based on painted pillars. With an unaltered inside, a carved wooden icon screen of ...

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Potos Beach

Potos Beach A village very popular with tourists, thanks to its organized beach and intense nightlife. The village of Agios Antonios with its luxurious hotels and wonderful beaches lies nearby. A little ...

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Protected areas – preys' shelters-MUNICIPALITY OF DRAMA -Preys' shelters of Kallifytos of Drama

Protected areas – preys' shelters-MUNICIPALITY OF DRAMA -Preys' shelters of Kallifytos of Drama Korylovos-Prophet Elias-Gola (Kallifytos of Drama), covering an area of 2,480 acres, and pertains to the Forest Service of Drama (FEK 744/Β/77), Xiropotamos-Petroussa, covering an area of 2.310 acres, and pertains ...

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Evros River

Evros River Evros River, the natural border between Greece and Bulgaria and Turkey, has a total length of 530km. of which 230km. belong to Greece. It is the second largest river in ...

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Prosotsani Prosotsani is the biggest town of the prefecture of Drama and is also the headquarters of the municipality. It has a population of 3.553 inhabitants (2011) and is located 15 ...

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Nymphea Settlement

Nymphea Settlement Nymphea is a mountain village (alt. 550 m) and it’s located in Rhodope, 18 km north of Komotini. All the houses in Nymphea are stone coated and have wooden ...

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Xanthi Xanthi, a town that perches at Rhodope"s arms, first on the road and railroad way that connects Thessaloniki with Evros and Constantinople. Capital of the prefecture, with ancient descent and ...

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