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Folklore museum of Samothrace


The Folklore Museum of Country is housed since 1973 in the municipality building and it hosts folk art and tradition of the island. The visitor on the ground floor of the building can see various objects exposed as "Kechagia"tools (as called by the farmers in Samothrace), agricultural tools, various tools for editing of thread and a traditional loom with all its accessories. He going up on the first floor of the Folklore Museum to see the representation of a Samothrace"s household, with mixed elements (secular and urban). One room room houses the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom. Dominance is the wooden "mesandra" of the early 20th century, a fitted wardrobe which was met in all Samothrace"s homes. The walls are adorned by "marchamades" (silk and cotton woven towels) and rich photographic material. Next you will see: the "corner" (kitchen) with the fireplace, Sofras and all those that a housewife needs so as to prepare the food. The living room with wooden sofa and table (furniture only encountered in homes of wealthy families). The iron bed of 1929 is covered with pure silk blanket. The beautiful chests and decorative plates had come on the island mostly of the coast of Asia Minor. Rich also is the collection of woven with wool rugs, cotton bedding, cotton-silk and the silk of which the raw material was processed in Samothrace. And finally the carved icon stand of the early 20th century, with rare photos of the last century that are derived from the island"s churches. The icon stand with the hanging oil glass and the Crown was in every Samothrace"a home. Also, in the Folklore Museum there are local costumes.The male costume consists of tsirvoulia (shoes), the socks, breeches, the Znar the shirt, vest, Abbas (jacket) and the cap. The female costume is very simple but beautiful. Blue or red or green simple skirt with belt imagining known inflatable silver buckles. On her head they wear a simple white handkerchief like a veil that falls on the back and shoulders over their long hair.

9:00 a.m - 14:00 p.m and 17:00 p.m - 21:00 p.m

1,50 EUR per person, 1,00 ΕUR per person for 12 people

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