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East Macedonia & Thrace


High mountains with forested slopes embrace a fertile plain that gently fades towards the Thracian Sea. the The breathtaking cliffs of Thracian Meteora are monoliths of the ancient Maronia, Ismara and Petrota. The Papikio Mountain, the mountain of isolation, uplift and metaphysical experience - known as "Despot Dag" (Despot Mountain) – which is next to the abandoned villages which rely on the ruins of Byzantine monasticism that flourished there in the 13th century.
The Villages of Rhodope mountain: Nymphea, Organi, Kardamos, Myrtiski, Kechros, Chloe, Ano Vyrsini and many other settlements; mountainous settlements, stone houses, places of balanced farming development where the famous Basma is cultivated.
Lakes and lagoons of Rhodope: the Ismarida with fresh water and lilies, the Ptelea, Elos, Aliki, Karatzas and Xirolimni, with a high diversity of bird species, including the impressive flamingos. The Vistonida Lake with over 200 bird species.
The Rhodope of myths and the wine cave: in Maronia, according to tradition, the resourceful Odysseus blinded the Cyclops Polyphemus, after he first drunk him with the local wine. A mosaic of civilizations and cultures, colorful and impressive, the region of Rhodope!
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