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East Macedonia & Thrace



The capital of the prefecture is a modern tourist town with many hotels, countless restaurants, cafés and a major trading center. The city was just 30 km away from the Greek-Turkish border, 310 km from Thessaloniki and is accessible by road, air, and train. The major attractions are the Lighthouse beach, the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas and the building of Zarifeia Academy. Alexandroupolis is a modern city and can offer all the amenities to visitors and fulfill all their wishes, attracting the attention of those seeking emerging and cosmopolitan destinations, while it is also an ideal place for family holidays. On summer evenings the heart of the city beats on the road by the sea which sidewalks attract thousands of people.

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  1. Διεθνής ιστιοπλοϊκός καλοκαιρινός αγώνας ΡΕΓΚΑΤΑ - Π.Ε. Έβρου