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Kardzhali Region

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They say that in Rhodope one can taste the immortality once the desire is strong enough. Here, on this land, the sunrise and the sunset, the heaven and the earth, the water and the wind make the reunion between men and gods possible. Even today, on the sides of this dignified mountain, the footsteps of Romans and Thracians resonate. Rituals and legends about the bewitching lyre of Orpheus and Dionysus’s Bacchanals come to life again from the ancient sanctuaries. The giants-pine-trees cast heavy, cool shades here. Cold brooks wash out the tracks of hooves, chime bells echo over the pastures, and high up the mountain, where the hills turn into pinnacles, the songs of the nymphs are roaming. For thousands of years, the natives lived in harmony with the nature. They have worshipped Mother Nature, they have read the weather with the aid of the sun and the rock, and they have discovered new, intact beautiful spots.

Kardzhali Region is about sharing the nature, the culture and the traditions. An experience that forever will be in your memory!

Medieval fortress Ustra near the village of Ustren

Medieval fortress Ustra near the village of Ustren The fortress is situated on a high, elongated ridge of the same name. The peak is 1015 m high. The area is 1.2 acres. The fortress wall is 113 meters ...

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Altar Stone "Sharapana" - village of Vryalo

Altar Stone Тhe sharapana consists of two step-like basins connected with a chute. The first one is round with a diameter of 2 meters and a depth of 0.5 m.The second basin ...

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Rock window - village of Kostino

Rock window - village of Kostino It is an extraordinary rock bridge, formed by the turbulent waters of Kostino gully. It is supported by two columns. The height of the bridge is about 10 metres, the ...

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Monastery complex "Assumption of Mary" - Kardzhali

Monastery complex The foundation of the complex is laid by Vasil Topuzliev and the locals in 1938. Both rich and poor, Christians and Muslims, were devoted to the building process and spared ...

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St. Georgе Victorious church - Kardzhali

St. Georgе Victorious church - Kardzhali The church is located on Otec Paissi Str. nearby the school with the same name and is a functioning religious temple. It is a three-nave cruciform dome church with built ...

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Cave Womb

Cave Womb It is an artificial cave. The locals call this Dangardak Kaya (stone). The name itself comes from the impressive acoustic echo inside the cave. The entire cave is literally ...

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Tomb of Seid Baba - village of Polkovnik Zhelezovo

Tomb of Seid Baba - village of Polkovnik Zhelezovo The tomb is approximately 3 x 4 meters and there is one grave in it. According to a legend, Seid Baba , who died in a holy war,was buried ...

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Archaeological Complex "Perperikon"

Archaeological Complex Perperikon is located on a high peak in an area known locally as Gin Tepesi ( The Mountain of the Spirits).Dating from the time of the Roman Empire, archaeologists have ...

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Lakes near the village of Lebed

Lakes near the village of Lebed Many years ago, as a result of earth upheavals, two natural lakes were formed. Wild lilies thrive in them. The place is extraordinarily beautiful. It is near a pine forest, ...

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Rock formations "The Fortress" near the village of Ustren

Rock formations The rock formations are made of beautiful gray and purple rhyolites. They are huge rocks of different shapes: prismatic, step-like and conical. Their height is 5 to 15 and more ...

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Muchroom and Turtles near the village of Benkovski

Muchroom and Turtles near the village of Benkovski A walk along the Varbitsa River between the villages Benkovski and Fotinovo, Kirkovo Municipality, will take you to a magical world. There you will find interesting rock formations and ...

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Nature Park "Kedikchal"

Nature Park "Kedikchal" is a nature park that is located in the village of Raven, about 7 km from Momchilgrad.It is a complex of ancient oaks, presented by species of quercus ...

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