Traveler's Guide

East Macedonia & Thrace

Drama – Choristi – Doxato – Agios Athanasios – Kyrgia – Kefalari – Holy Monastery of Eikosifoinissi

Choristi Village with 2500 residents, famous since Roman times, is 5km further on via the Kavala National Highway. Visit the Eiso- dion Theotokou Church (1906), featuring 6 icons by the eminent painter Konstantinos Parthenis in the chancel, a lectern of the same period and neoclassical buildings from the 1920s. It is on the main village road at the point where the stream divides the vil- lage (hence the name Choristi). Do not miss the carnival on Clean Monday with fl and carnival goers in disguise.Return to the national highway to visit the martyrical town of Doxato, 10km from Drama, which was a hamlet in Roman times. A town of 3500, mainly local inhabitants, it had its heyday during the tobacco period. See the renovated schools from 1908-1910, the three-arched basilica at Agios Athanasios Church (1867) with its 19th century icons and the Bogiatzi and Zigkili Mansions. Horse races are held in Doxato on 2 with thoroughbred horses taking part. Thousands of visitors gather for the event as well as for the evening celebration, enjoying the traditional music and dancing.Go through Agios Athanasios Vil- lage, with its 3500 residents of Pontian and Thracian origin and 5km further to the north you will fi Kyrgia, seat of the Municipal- ity of Doxato. Once a tobacco pro- ducing town, it is today inhabited by refugees from Asia Minor who who keep their traditions alive. Apart from their unique art and dirges, the residents of Kyrgia hold a special celebration in the square on the night of the last Sunday in Carnival with traditional musical instruments and satirical songs.In Kefalari, 2km east of Agios Athanasios, enjoy peaceful scenery amongst the plane trees next to the running water of the Voirani springs, where the ancient wine press was discovered. Buy wine and tsipouro from local producers and traditional halvas in Kyrgia. Tavernas and Grills from Doxato to Pigadia provide a wide range of delicacies. Try local trout in Kefalari. Then set off for the Holy Monastery of Eikosifi in Kavala Prefecture.