Traveler's Guide

East Macedonia & Thrace

Route in Drama: Drama – Prosotsani – Kali Vrisi – River Aggitis – Maara Cave – Kokkinogeia

If you are in Drama during Epiphany, you will have the chance to enjoy Babougera at Kali Vrisi and enjoy yourself with the hospitable village inhabitants, eating, drinking and dancing. This is a ritual which has its roots in Dionysian worship.On Drama – Kato Nevrokopi National Road, turn left onto the Provincial Road in the direction of Kallithea – Kali Vrisi. First stop: Prosotsani (15km from Drama), an old tobacco producing centre, with schools from the early 20th century, neoclassical houses and the last tobacco shops. 8km further on, you reach Kali Vrisi, built on the slopes of Mount Menikio. Here you will find a district of traditional farm houses (late 19th century) and brick paved streets, as well as the three-aisled basilica of Agios Nikolaos (1877) with its iconostasis icons. After Kali Vrisi, you can visit the Sanctuary of Dionysian worship at “mikri tuba” which is open to visitors after consultation with the Archaeological Museum of Drama. Telephone: +30 25210 31365. Open at Epiphany and events for the August full moon. Via Haritomeni and Grammeni, and 14km from Kali Vrisi, you come to Aggitis Village and the Cave area is 500m further on. Maara Cave The cave has been used for people and animals passing through or as a refuge at various times in history. Near the present entrance, the archaeological trowel has brought to light significant Paleolithic and paleontological findings, which are displayed at the Drama Archaeological Museum. The cave is the only developed river cave in Greek territory and is accessible for 2-5km. The first 500 metres are open to visitors. By arrangement and with the help of a guide, lovers of extreme tourism can go even further. Telephone: +30 25220 60460 10:30 am – 17:00 pm. Return to Drama, going through Kokkinogia, where you can visit the Kokkinogeia Women’s Productive Cooperative with its special products based on traditional recipes from the East.