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East Macedonia & Thrace

Maronite wine

"Sweet plain divine booze". This is the way in which Homer in Odyssey (Rhapsody I) describes the Manonite wine, which had to be diluted in twenty parts of water to be drunk and the sweet smell of the crater, a wonderful smell. This wine was the one that glorified Maroneia from Homer to the Byzantine era. It is also the thing that can glorify the area again, through a new attempt to revive the historic vineyard of Maroneia, which began in 1993 and continues until today from several small and large winery firms. Already, 500 acres of vineyards cultivated with environmentally friendly method of integrated crop yield annually about 500 tons of grapes. The enthusiastic reception of the first two wines Ismarikos local wine Chardonnay and Syrah released a few years ago in Greece and in foreign markets, gives strength, but also the necessary financial means to proceed with the investment projects mainly towards founding winery and bottling in Maroneia. A building to accommodate visitors to the vineyard Maroneia is already constructed, where there will be- between others- space for tastings and retailer of wines. It is a building with elements of the architecture of the mansions of Maroneia in line as possible with the physiognomy of the area. The implementation of the winery and bottling infrastructures have already begun. Other varieties of wine in Maroneia is Mavroudi, Malagouzia the Sangiovese, the Merlot, the Cabernet Sauvignon and Limnio.