Traveler's Guide

East Macedonia & Thrace

A taking afirst visit in Xanthi

In Xanthi, the food is not just good, it's special. With influences from Asia Minor, taste and ancestral processes that hold years, the food will surely delight you. There it is worth to try - and buy - soutzouk loukoum and Carioca. The saragli, kantaifi and other traditional oriental sweets of the region, such as ntilmper ntountai (meaning "The lips of the beauty"), kantaifi folia, chanoum burek ("the pie lady"), and the soutzouk and rachat loukoum, as well as ntontourmas – the ice cream with fresh sheep's milk, are of excellent quality and taste. Moreover, dishes like Tiat Kebab there is not to be found easily elsewhere. In Cooperatives of the region you will find local handmade products, such as pasta, desserts and jams, all made with local ingredients.