Traveler's Guide

East Macedonia & Thrace

Wineries and wine regions

The area is famous for its wineries and some of them are the best in Greece. Most of them can be visited and one can take a tour in theis facilities and buy their products. Some of them are :DOMAINE K. LAZARIDI Α.Ε (Adriani), DOMAINE NICO LAZARIDI Α.Ε. (Agora), DOMAINE MANOLESAKI - GENNIMA PSIXIS (Adriani), TECHNI OINOU (Alypias) (Mikrochori), DOMAINE PAVLIDI Α.Ε. (Kokkinogia), DOMAINE MICHAELIDI (SAINT ATHANASIOS), DOMAINE OENOGENESIS Α.Ε. (Adriani), DOMAINE CHRIS KLONARIDIS,