Traveler's Guide

East Macedonia & Thrace

Route Komotini-Gratini-Kalyntirio-Organi-Myrtiski-Chloe-Kechros-New Santa-Arriana-Mikro Pisto-Arisvi-Komotini -Rhodope Region

The tour includes a visit to the inhabited villages in northeastern of Rhodope. To visit will need more than five hours if you stop for pictures and food. The route is 142 km of which the 11km is dirt road which in the winter months may be rough. With normal weather conditions it can be passable with normal vehicles. On this route you can see the most representative villages of the mountains and admire the natural environment. Starting from Komotini and heading north, following the Iroon Avenue and the road to the fort Nymphaia, in the third mile, turn right onto the Calchas-Gratini villages. Continue to Organi village and after 1.5 km turn left towards Kalyntirio-Organi villages. After passing the Kalyntirio village take the route through the mountains. After Drania village follow the signs to Kardamo village (5 km). There you will see one of the most characteristic villages of the area, with a beautiful watermill. Return to Drania and continue for Organi. In the Organi you will find food, pharmacy store and ATM machine. Continuing you will find the beautiful built with stone villages of Meslin and Myrtiski. In Myrtiski market will find food and cigarettes. At this point the paved road ends. Follow the signs to Kechro village. The dirt road is 11 km length and reaches 2 km away from the village Chloe which you should visit. There you can also enjoy the local taverns and cafes. Returning by the same route for 2 km and continuing to Kechro village you will find a gas station and a cafe. Do not forget to visit the mosque which is the largest of the massif. There every Friday there is a gathering of believers from the around for the great prayer. Head South to New Santa village. The route is beautiful. At the junction with the Monastery you will find one of the largest wind parks in Greece. Passing New Santa, the next village is Kampos. Continuing to Arriana, Mikro Pisto and Tsifliki you will find the greenhouses where you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits directly from the producers. After Tsifliki turn left onto Highway and after 20 minutes road, passing Arisvi and Arato, you will return in Komotini. (total coved distance of 142 km, duration 5 hours)