Traveler's Guide

East Macedonia & Thrace

Route by car from Maroneia to Fanari - Rhodope Region

The best seasons for this route is the spring and the autumn and particularly the time before the sunset when the sky is clear. From Maronia we going up for 3 km to Plataniti. The road continues along the coast and reaches the beach of Proskiniton, which extends the settlements Alcyone, Kryoneri and Profitis Elias. Continue alongside the Thracian Sea to the road to get a northerly direction, passing out of the harbor Imeros and continues for the settlement Imeros. Follow westerly direction and signs to Glyfada. Cross the Lisso River from the Irish crossing and south of the Lake Ismarida after the bridge turn right channel approaching the premises of the farm. Return to the paved road. After a mile turn left to reach the area Molyvote (6km, of which the last two is dirt road), where you will see the lagoons Elos and Ptelea. Besides the lagoon there are the ruins of ancient Strymi. Returning to the main road (6 km), turn left and go through the village of Glyfada where you reach the junction that turning right leads to Buckle and Komotini, left to the beach of Mesi and going straight to the village of Mesi. On the Mesi beach there is a paved pedestrian road and a bicycle lane for 2km that pass between the lagoon and the sea Karatzas and reach Agori village. Arogi and Fanari are a single, continuous beach along the lagoon Xirolimni. By car you will follow the path of Mesi Beach - Mesi - Arogi - Fanari, making a big circle because there is no crossing of vehicles between Middle Beach and Relief. On this route you will have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful landscape with the birds of the lagoons, the traditional farms and the beautiful beaches. In Fanari village you will find one of the most beautiful and touristic parts of the Thracian area with many facilities, hotels, restaurants, shopping and ATM banking. From the national road you can be back to Komotini in 20 minutes covering a distance of 35 mm (total distance covered 47 km, duration 40 minutes)