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East Macedonia & Thrace

The bridges along the Xanthi - Stavroupolis - Echinos road - Xanthi Region

The intense and dense topography of the massif of Xanthi in conjunction with the scattered settlements, built in unexpected places, it required for their connection the construction of bridges. Ornate bridges that impress for their durability over time, their architecture and their static adequacy. The bridge of the 1st km Xanthi-Stavroupoli: Is located outside the town Stavroupolis. The bridge of the 2nd km Xanthi-Stavroupoli was built next to the old provincial road. The bridge of the 4th km Xanthi-Stavroupoli (Abdul Chamit bridge) was built during the Sultan Abdul Chamit ruling and has Islamic symbols on its two sides. The bridge of the 5th km Xanthi-Stavropol was built in the 16th century and is one of the oldest stone bridges in Thrace. The bridge of the 6th km Xanthi-Stavroupoli-Echinos, is situated at the confluence of the small stream that descends to the village Felt. The bridge of the 7th km Xanthi-Stavroupoli-Echinos impresses with its grandeur. This small stone bridge at the entrance of the village was a connecting passage of the paths of the region. The damaged bridge of 8th was collapsed at the great flood of 1996. The bridge near Miki village is a nice arch bridge that currently is in disuse. The bridge of Glavkis is 1000 m away from the military outpost of Glafkis and is decorated with herringbone shapes. The bridge of 1 mile before Echinos is a victim of the flood of 1996.