Traveler's Guide

East Macedonia & Thrace

International Path 04 - Kavala Region

The hiking trails are functional and they are offered to cross Pangaio of the side of Kavala where there are the paths of the Auli, of Nikisiani, of "Black Water" and Mesoropi. More information can be found on the website of one Greek Mountaineering Club of Kavala The trails, connect Chortiati with Pangaio and Rhodope (E6). They Cross Halkidiki, ancient Amphipoli, Pangaio and end in the village Toxotes, in Nestos. Only the parts of Pangaio have been marked, from Auli village up to Nikissiani and from Amphipolis up to the peak. The only part of the path, that has been marked, is the part of Amphipolis (archaeological site), over Pangaio, with superb views of the sea and the plain of Philippi, until Nikissiani villages and Eleutheroupoli.