Traveler's Guide

East Macedonia & Thrace

Kamariotissa – Alonoudia Wild life Refuge – Lakkoma – Pachia Ammos – Panagia Krimniotissa – Vatos – Giali - Kremasto -Samothrace

From Kamariotissa, take the Kamariotissa - Lakkoma provincialroad and after 3.2km turn left towards Alonia and after 1.3km youreach the settlement.Alonia is a traditional small farming settlement in the island’svalley. Agios Athanasios Monastery, with its miraculous icon,is a pilgrimage destination and was a dependent of the IberianMonastery from 1771 until 1965.After Alonia, return to the Kamariotissa – Lakkoma ProvincialRoad and continue towards Lakkoma, crossing Alonoudia WildLife Refuge. It is a hilly area with sparse bushes, covering 875acres. Bird watching can be done at the refuge.4km from Alonia on the road to Lakkoma, turn left and 900mdown the road you will reach Makrilies, a small settlement whichtook its name from the type of olives which are produced in theregion. A small distance away, north of Makrilies is the mountainvillage of Xiropotamos, built along the length of a stream of thesame name in dense vegetation with vast olive groves, meadowsand plentiful running water. The road to the Xiropotamos Gorge isa unique experience.After Makrilies, return to Kamariotissa-Lakkoma Provincial Roadand after 1km you reach Lakkoma, a small farming village withtraditional houses. Three old oil presses have survived in the area,an example of Samothraki early industrial architecture (1900-1920) which were in operation until 1985. (Prophet Elias) is only2.6km from Lakkoma. It is worth the drive. Nowhere else is lambon the spit so delicious as in this small village. As for sunset fromthe Prophet’s Chapel, it is as if you are flying in Apollo’s chariottowards the West.From Lakkoma, set off for Dafnes (1km) and from there PachiaAmmos is 6km. On the road towards Pachia Ammos, give in totemptation and take the uphill dirt track toward Panagia Kremniotissa.The chapel of the same name, hanging from a rock, willreward as much with its view as with its tranquility. You can alsofind refreshments and try some eclectic mezedes in the smallcafé in the area. According to tradition, Panagia Kremniotissa isonly one of 999 churches on the island.Pachia Ammos is the most beautiful beach on the island. Theinaccessible south-eastern shores can be reached by boat fromPachia Ammos. The southernside of the island is hidden,with unique volcanic formation,the largest cataract onthe Mediterranean, Kremasto,sandy coves and difficultpasses. The enchanting placeTis Grias ta Pania and theimpressive beaches of Vatos,with its deep water and goodfishing, and Giali are a truedelight on a boat trip.Kipos is a beautiful rockybeach on the south-westshores of the island and canbe reached by boat from Therma or Kamariotissa. It is calledKipos because it is said that during the Hellenistic Period therewas a large garden there.Mountaineering tourismThe particular characteristic of the island,Mount Saos, has recently beenincluded in the European MountainTrail (E6). The view is excellent fromits peak and Imvros, Tenedos, Limnosand Agion Oros (Mount Athos) canbe seen clearly, as Ion Dragoumis,writer and politician at the beginningof the 20th century, observed with hisown eyes.Numerous paths toward the summit from different startingpoints. Duration: 4 hours, level of difficulty: 3. The FeggariMountaineering Association organizes trips at regular intervalsthroughout the summer and organizes a climb with overnightstay for the August full moon. The association has a refuge inKoufouklio (970m) and never tires to point out that on Saos youwill find loose soil, steep gorges and demands care, a companionand adherence to the officialpaths.Diving TourismFor diving tourism, pleasecontact the SamothrakiDiving Centre, for divingat Kati, Vatos, Ladoxeraand around the remainsof the 1950 shipwreckKarkani of Romanianconstruction.Bird watchingVdelolimni is a typicalwetland for bird overwinteringand is formed by estuaries from the River Fonia. AgiosAndreas sea lagoon, near Kamariotissa, is also interesting forbird watchers. Kingfishers (Alcedo atthis), Levant Sparrowhawks(Accipiter brevipes) and Hobbies (Falco subbutueo) frequent theforests next to the shore, where they come out to hunt in theevening.Holidays – Feasts19 October: National Holiday, anniversary of independence fromOttoman Rule (1912)18 January, Feast Day of St. Athanasios (near Alonia Village)30 January, Feast of the Three Holy Hierarchs (Samothraki Town)Easter Thursday, Feast of Our Lady KamariotissaSunday of Thomas: Celebration of 5 neo-martyrs of Samothraki;Manuel, George, Micheal, Theodore and George who weremartyred in 1836.The Ascension (Therma)20 July, Profitis Ilias26 July, Agia Paraskevi (Paleopolis)6 and 15 August (Therma)FestivalsKaviria: Summer cultural eventswith musical evenings and theatreperformances, as well as night timetours around the archaeological sitein Paleopolis. Place: SamothrakiTown, Kamariotissa. Therma.Samothraki Dance Festiνal: Whatstarted as a party of friends playingelectronic music, has developed intoan August beach party.