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Holy Church of Prophet Elias


In the center of the village there is the church of the Prophet Elias which was built in 1841 by local builders with donations and contributions from residents. Archaeologists expect the church to have built in the late 15th century. In 1967 the new church was founded right next to the old one at the expense of residents. Today the new church operates, while the old operates only at all souls" day. The Prophet Elias is a three-aisled basilica of the 17th-18th century, belonging to the same period as the Sanctuary Gates, the icon screen and bishop"s throne. Inside the church there are hagiographies of great value. The dedicatory inscription in the northern part states the year 1841 and chaplains P. Constanti and P. George. In the independent belfry at the entrance of the precinct the craftsman immortalized the name and date of the erection: "Nedelkou and Boziki at June 17, 1887." Based on the information submitted in the Second Scientific Conference in 1994, especially by Anna Tsitouridou, may himself was involved in the hagiography of the church of Taxiarches in Akrino, while a part that was preserved in intercolumnium unearthed an inscription mentioning the name. The name Vozikis refers to a letter of the Metropolitan Chrysostomos Kalafatis of Drama in the year 1907, as belonging to a rich Orthodox resident of the village Klepousna "Agriani", who occured a murderous attack by Bulgarian schismatics and was killed. Unfortunately, the roof collapsed, not allowing the entry inside the church. However, in the 1990s, the temple and maintenance of the wooden icon screen and images were restored from Thessaloniki"s maintainers workshop at the expense of the parish. The work has not been extended to the wall paintings of the temple because of the damage from moisture. The floor is still the initial one with ceramic plates and part of the women"s loft is preserved in the left side of the church"s entrance.

Management Body: Holy Metropolis of Drama
Tel. +302521032362

Chaplain: George Chatzikyriakou
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