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Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Christ


The settlement of Prasinada is located northeast of the prefecture of Drama 58 kilometers far away from it, in the triangle of Paranesti (Paranesti-Prasinada 19 km). It is built on the foothills of the mountain Pangalos at an altitude of 713m. The locals are Pontian refugees from Trapezounta, who arrived in 1924 and fought hard to survive in the new homeland.
Prasinada is a charming village with verdant mountains, with lots of water, and with tributaries of the river Nestos passing through it. There dominates the sacred rock of prasinada where the Holy Monastery of the Transfiguration of Christ, is built on the ruins of the Byzantine monastery, which was buried there for eight centuries without anyone knowing about its existence 485ΑD - 1204AD.
In this location, where there is now the present monastery, relics of saints were found, who have been martyrs in the Crusaders in 1204AD at the 4th crusade. On August 6, 1993 the day of Transfiguration of Christ was the first Worship that had been done after 800 years.

Management Body: Holy Metropolis of Drama
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