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East Macedonia & Thrace

Tomb of Seid Baba - village of Polkovnik Zhelezovo


The tomb is approximately 3 x 4 meters and there is one grave in it.
According to a legend, Seid Baba , who died in a holy war,was buried there. Above the grave there is a mound made of wood and covered with green cloth. The grave is about 3 m long. The Tekke is covered with hand woven rugs. The walls are decorated with tapestries. There are portraits of Hazreti Ali Hadji Bektash Veli and 12 Shiite imams.
Seid Mehmed Bey took part in the conquests of Murad I, and then performed several miracles. He was considered a holy man. As a reward for his service, Murad I personally, on behalf of his daughter Hatice, gave Seid Baba lands in the Eastern Rhodopes. The condition was to help the poor and to open an inn for travelers with free meals and beds for the night.

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