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Muchroom and Turtles near the village of Benkovski


A walk along the Varbitsa River between the villages Benkovski and Fotinovo, Kirkovo Municipality, will take you to a magical world. There you will find interesting rock formations and niches. About a kilometer from Benkovski village Mother Nature has created a strange rock creature - a huge puffball mushroom. It emanates from the ground on the edge of a lonely hill.It is about two meters high, its diameter is about 3m. Its color is brown, its upper surface is flattened with rounded edges, "the stalk" is short and narrow, like a true puffbal.It is weathered in medium-grained sandstones with an age of 25 to 65million years. "The Mushroom" is less famous because of its remoteness, but with its magnificent and realistic shape evokes admiration in those who see it. The protected area is 0.2 acres.
When you approach Fotinovo village ,near the bus stop you will see a strange facility unseen anywhere else. These are a series of carved, interconnected grooves that surround the oval, smooth rocky bumps. They look like turtles when seen fron above. This must be the reason they are called “the Turtles”.

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