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Falakro mountain


The most important massif of the prefecture of Drama is the Falakro Mountain, which is one of the largest mountains in the country. It is situated in the center of the prefecture and consists of a cluster of three volumes: the northwest with its highest peak the "Holy Spirit" and altitude 1629m, the southwest with its highest peak the "Saint Paul" on alitude of 1768 meters and the east with the highest peak "Prophet Elias" on 2232 meters, surrounded by the peaks ""Vardena" and "Chionotrypa". The name "Falakro", derives from low vegetation because of soil"s structure that does not allow the development of high vegetation. Specifically, the vegetation thats covers Falakro, as it is observed today, is 45% grassland, 35% forest and 20% shrubs, brushwood, rocks and bare soil. The fauna is also proportional to the botanical interest. Except for the common mammals and birds of the wide region, we meet rare invertebrates that characterize the value of fauna. The Falakro Mountain gathers many, rare for Greece, herbaceous plants. Typical is the variety of wildflowers (Bearberry, wild pansy, pasque flower, valerian, bluebells, wild ping etc.).

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