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Menoikio mountain


An important massif of the refecture of Drama is Menoikio Mountain, which is located on the western edge of the prefecture and is basically the southward sequel of Falakro. Its highest peak is "Mavromata" which belongs to the prefecture of Serres with an altitude of 1,963m, while the highest peak in the prefecture is the "Thamnotopi", with an altitude of 1,952m. It has significant flora, such as beech, chestnut, fir hydrid , black pine, cedar, oak, hornbeam, willow, alders, rowan, maple, ash tree, dogwood, wild roses, blueberry etc. as well as significant fauna including mammals such as wild boarroe, hare, wolf, badge, ferret, etc. Also, the birdlife is very interesting, including short-toed eagle, golden eagle, booted eagle, vulture, kestrel, european honey buzzard, Peregrine Falcon, Sparrowhawk, levant sparrowhawk, booby, capercaillie, grey woodpecker, black woodpecker, backed shrike, bumpkin, apus melba, hoopoe, chiffchaff, finch, Bee-eater etc. The mountain is characterized by intense relief, alpine and subalpine meadows with rich flora, beech forests, the forest of centenarians chestnut trees and rich birdlife that hosts. The flora consists of beech, chestnut, fir, black pine, cedar, oak, hornbeam, willow, alder, rowan, maple, etc. The fauna includes mammals such as wild boar, wolfroe, hare, etc., and the avifauna of the region is also rich (short-toed eagle, golden eagle, eagle, vulture, kestrel, peregrine falcon, owl, capercaillie, etc.).

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