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East Macedonia & Thrace

"Anniversary of the battle of LISSE forts"


Every year on April 6, in the village Ochiro in the municipality of K. Nevrokopiou the "Anniversary Battle of Lisse Forts" is honored.
The forts Lisse are within a short distance from the village Ochiro and about 2 km far from the town of Nevrokopi. This fort is the only one that has been preserved and can been visited in the area of K. Nevrokopi, since the remaining were destroyed in the perios of German-Bulgarian possesion. It is built on a rocky hill with height of 220 meters. The size of its underground shelters was 790m and the length of the archades was 960 meters, while 300 steps connect the multi-storey building. The guard of the fort consisted of 469 men and had 10 simple and five double pill-boxes, 4 antitanks, 2 howitzers, 3 emplacements, 3 double bombers, 8 observatories and 9 exits.

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