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East Macedonia & Thrace

"Carnival" of Choristi


It is a top event of the Music Association "Reborn Macedonia", and for all Christians and attracts visitors from throughout the region.
The residents of Choristi always live it up in a special way these days, leaving behind, for a while, all the worries and their problems. Evidence from oldrer people show that the carnival has been celebrated in Choristi for over than a half century, with dances and masqueraders, in the room of the club.
Since the early 20th century Choristi pionner, through the wide region, on issues of national interest and liberation issue, while developing important spiritual and cultural activities with the historic club "Reborn Macedonia" being the main representative. After the liberation and during the postwar in 1920-1940 the conditions for more cultural and spiritual activities were created, when cropping and processing of tobacco attributed significant economic benefits to the community of Choristi. So, the Christians, who were lovers of music, songs and dance, full of optimism and humor, make the custom of Clean Monday an institution.

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