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East Macedonia & Thrace

"Horse Racing" of Doxato


Every year in Doksato on 2 May is carried out horse racing, for many years. It is the main custom of the region, and the residents are waiting for its revival with great joy. It constitutes an integral part of the tradition of the historic municipality and is one of the top cultural events of Drama.
Its history goes back many centuries. From our records, we know that during the Ottoman period, horse racing had taken the form of a competition between Greeks and Turks and enabled Greek children, to demonstrate the virtues in riding and their technique and virtuosity in the "control "of the horses.
"Later, in the era of the Macedonian struggle the horse racing of Doxato was the best excuse for the meeting of the chieftains of the wide region of Eastern Macedonia, to coordinate their action in the struggle for liberation."
The horse racing, which highlight the historical links of the horse with the area, occur as part of the celebrations for the protector and patron saint Saint Athanasius of the martyr town of Doxato.

Stylidou Maria