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East Macedonia & Thrace

"Kalogeros" of Kalampaki


A unique Thracian custom, the custom of Kalogeros or Clean Monday is preserved until today and is held every year on the Monday of the small carnival (a week before Clean Mondat), in Kalambaki of Drama with the responsibility and organization of the Educational and Cultural Society of Kalampaki. It is a Carnival celebration with strong Dionysian backgrounds, in the performance of which the residents sought the fertility of land, of which they were totally dependent, since their main occupation was agriculture. The custom "originates" from the village Krioneri, a small village in the province of Eastern Thrace Viziis, from where Thracian refugees together with the few belongings, the pain of being uprooted from their homes and the hope of a better life, brought mores, customs and traditions.

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