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Drama's Greek short film Festival - International short film Film Festival

14/09/2015 - 19/09/2015

In the last years, the Drama Festival has established in the minds of both the film world and in the public consciousness as the place of prominent of short films, as the place of presentation of all those who will form or will complete a basic part of our culture in the future. The festival comes in contact with other relevant International Festivals, invites people of international cinema, who transmit their knowledge and their experience to young filmmakers, organizes tributes to international cinema, opening the way for artistic update and the necessary judgment and comparison . Thus, nowadays the Short Film Festival of Drama, both the International and the Greek, has become a cultural organization, both national and international. The Short Film Festival of Drama started in 1978 as an initiative of the Cinema Club of Drama. The response of both the filmmakers and the public was great from the first years of operation. After a few years, the festival was adopted by the municipality of Drama and in the mid 80"s by the State. Since August 1996, the Ministry of Culture, recognizing the importance and prestige of the Festival of Drama, has introduced it in the National Cultural Network of Cities. The inclusion resulted in the participation in a cultural network throughout Greece and the institutionalization of unhindered funding equally both by the Ministry of Culture and by the Municipality of Drama.


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