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East Macedonia & Thrace

The Trakietz Dam


The Trakietz Dam is extremely attractive and is a favorite of the Haskovo citizens since its construction until the present day. It has many places comfortable for fishing as well as suitable places for camping and camps under the stars. In recent years the dam is intensively being populated with different types of fish - mainly carp, white carp, silver carp, catfish. The most widely popular fish that are subject to rod-line fishing all year-roundts facility are ruddy, chub, carp and bleak. White fish and perch can also be very successfully caught there. The most widely used method is "fishing with a float", but during the recent years fishing by towing or trolling also became very popular.. The site is also open for those who prefer heavy fishing for "grievous" trophies. In these waters fishermen have caught various trophy size fish - carp over 20 kg, white carps of over 15 kg Silver carps of 60 kg.A friendly tournament between sportsmen - fishermen from all across the country is being organized at the Trakietz Dam every year.

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