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Frakto Forest


It is situated in the northeastern part of the prefecture under the highest peak of central Rhodope, at 1.953m. In 1980 the forest was declared as a Protected Natural Monument, because of its high ecological value, as it is one of the few European forests that are virgin. It characterized virgin because its evolution only followed the rules of nature and not influenced by human activity. From 1980 until today it is under full protection and the only allowable activity is scientific research. The form of the virgin forest differs from common forests, because in this coexist various species of broadleaf and coniferous of all ages. Dominant species are firs, pines, beeches and are also found maples, birches etc. Circumferentially of the virgin forest there is a protection zone where grazing and hunting are prohibited, while wood production and forest recreation are allowed. The fauna of the forest is very rich in species and in numbers. The region is one of the most important Greek mountain ecosystems, with the appearance of almost all wildlife species that live in the Greek mountains. Here, more than 100 bird species are reproduced, among which severeal are protected in Greek and international level. The mammals are also rich in number, with the presence of 32 species, some of which are rare in the Greek area, such as bear and deer. ( Also, in the area we distinguish locations that are under national protection status and belong to the category Preserved Natural Monuments: The locations of the study area designated as Preserved Natural Monuments are: 1. The virgin forest of central Rhodope, covering an area of 550 hectares, and pertains in the Forest Service of Drama (FEK 121/D/80), 2. The sources of Aggitis river, 3. The virgin forest of Frakto 4. Elatia Forest, 5. The lakes of Nestos, 6. The waterfall in the area Dipotamia 7. The cave Mara, 8. The artificial lake of Lefkogies 9. The ski resort on Mount Falakro.

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