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Protected areas – preys' shelters


The Community of Sidironero, just like the whole of the prefecture, has a rich natural environment, which is formed by the massif of the prefecture that belongs to the Central Rhodope mountain range and the existence of protected areas of the network Natura 2000 with important ecosystems. These areas are the following: Rhodope (simida), covering an area of 6,708.90 hectares, Elatia area, Pyramis Koutra covering an area of 7,431.51 hectares.
It consists of extensive high forest of the zone of boreal conifers, in the northern part of the prefecture covering an area of approximately 60,000 Ha. Because of the location, geoclimatic conditions and biotic factors (animals and humans), the forests of the area are the largest structured forest of our country but also the most wood productive. A characteristic tree of Elatia"s forests is the kind spruce, that in our country, only forms forests in central Rhodope with southern limit of its spread and this region. Other species involved in the composition of these forests are hydrid spruce, forest pine and beech. Also Elatia Forest is a habitat of a large number hairy preys (mainly wild boar) and attracts hunters from all over the country.
The area until the war (1945) had sparse vegetation due to the intense grazing (180,000 sheep) by nomads Sarakatsani. Subsequently, after the removal of livestock and because of the ideal soil and climate conditions, the direct afforestation of the region began and today reached in full coverage with high forest vegetation.
In the area is located the unique Forest Village Elatia, the location Stravorrema and the location "Koutra", where takes place the "Gathering of Sarakatsanaioi" with traditional events, every year. The position Stravorrema is the River Basin of the homonymous stream. The basin in its central part is flat with herbaceous vegetation, while the aisles are covered with high trees spruce and Scots pine. The stream, due to mild slopes, forms intense and characteristic mazes. The place has great aesthetic value and attracts a large number of visitors for forest recreation.

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