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East Macedonia & Thrace

Protected areas – preys' shelters-Municipality of Prosotsani-Preys' shelters


The flora that synthesizes high mountain vegetation consists of beech, chestnut, hydrid fir, black pine, cedar, oak, hornbeam, willow, alder, rowan, maple, ash tree, dogwood, wild rose, blueberry etc. Interesting though is the herbaceous vegetation due to the scarsity and the large number of species: the lily, saxifraga, mountain tea (sideritis), wild pink, irises, peony, kentafrees, bluebell, wild pansy, thyme, orchids, cough grass root cup etc., as well as many graminaceous and leguminous plants.
The fauna includes the mammals: wild boar, roe deer, hare, wolf, badger, ferret etc., while the birdlife is extremely interesting: snake eagle, golden eagle, booted eagle, vulture, kestrel, european honey buzzard, Peregrine Falcon, Sparrowhawk, levant sparrowhawk, booby, capercaillie, grey woodpecker, black woodpecker, backed shrike, bumpkin, apus melba, hoopoe, chiffchaff, finch, Bee-eater etc.

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