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Ancient acropolis in the village of Platanias


On the hill where just five kilometers from the current apartment Platanias, called Kales or Acropolis, detected Acropolis ellipsoidal plan that indicates habitation duration times from prehistoric times until the 6th century AD. The whole defensive system is of interest. Powerful wall surrounds the entire citadel. Have been identified and other fortifications to better organization and safekeeping of the citadel. From archaeological evidence up to now (coins, shells, jewelry, metal objects, tools, stone tools, weapons, figurines, bone tools, glass vessels) make clear and is absolutely confirmed the habitation from prehistoric times to the Byzantine period. With the continuation of the excavation is to elucidate new aspects of life within the citadel as the cluster antiquities of the region over the centuries. The excavation conducted under the supervision of PCAK (Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities of Kavala) and financing of Municipality of Nikiforos and Prefecture of Drama.

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