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East Macedonia & Thrace


A land endowed with a thousand natural beauties: the snowy peaks, wooded slopes, breathtaking beaches. Lakes and lagoons, at the boundaries with the prefecture of Rhodope, protected by the International Ramsar Convention. Land of tobacco. Scent of “Basmas” (Tobacco Type) in “Pomakochoria” with rare natural beauty, traditional villages, preserved stone bridges, mills, colorful textiles and ancient customs. The land of multiculturalism. Xanthi and the old town, unspoiled, full of nostalgia, next to Kossyntho stream flowing with its own pace, sometimes friendly and others even perilous.
Sighting: a living lesson of history and architecture, traditional and scholarly. The Eclecticism in its glory: the architectural styles coexist in the same building with wisdom and excellent aesthetics.
Xanthi a “Student town”: Full of life day and night and each season with its own unique character.
Xanthi and the landscape: There are three areas within the region that are included in NATURA 2000 Network. The peaks of Mount Chaidou - Koula and the surrounding peaks with the famous forest of beech, declared as a Natural Monument, the Straits of the river, so called Tempe Thrace, as well as the Aesthetic Forest of Nestos. This land gave birth to great philosophical currents: hometown of Democritus & Leucippus, the founders of the Atomic Theory and Protagoras, father of relativism.
Feasts and festivals were regularly hosted both in Xanthi and in the wider region including the ancient Abdera, during the summer season.
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  1. 2nd Festival VIA EGNATIA