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The Events of Epiphany (January 5-6-7-8)


With a special interest customary presents the days of the Epiphany, with a wealth of events and happenings taking place with fancy dress and with bells, songs, dances, performances and imaginative representations varied. All evidence suggests the primary purpose of these events, which is nothing more than welcome a new year, achieving a good year ie in the broader dimension of good health and a good harvest.
(Bears - Arapides - Mpampougera)
Volakas, Kali Vrysi, Monastiraki, Xiropotamos, Petrousa and Pyrgoi done these days the focus spectacular traditional celebrations with intense dionysiasmo.
In the same village the next day, January 8, is a representation of local wedding. On the same day and come out " Bears" men dressed with whole skins. Note that in this day in Volaka is dedicated to the " midwife ", which is visited mothers with different gifts. This is a custom that retains elements of similar rites of antiquity with strong fertility characteristics such as Thesmophoria and Aloa.
In Xiropotamo in January 7, made " Arapides " similar to Monastiraki way. Follow in the evening local dances.
Starring the " Mpampougera " men dressed as animals and wearing heavy bells. Appear immediately after the ceremony of sanctification and impressive disguise and noisy presence dominate the whole village the day of the Epiphany, and the next two.
In the events of Kali Vrysi attaches particular dimension the recent revelation of the temple dedicated to the worship of Dionysus. It seems so an event with intense dionysiasmo running in natural environment.

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