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Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni (revealed) Vathyrryakos


It is a pilgrimage Panthrakikos range with a long history. Located after Xanthi and 16km before Komotini, left in the highway. The area is the monastery in the 12th century was called Panagia. During the Turkish occupation the area was divided into landlords. According to tradition, the sacred image of the Virgin appeared (hence Phaneromene) three hundred years ago the Ottoman main land in the area, who for three days seeing bright vision of a cross on the top of a tree. He informed, as per Panagias order, the Bishop and dug at the root of the tree where they found the image. This image is claimed by several villages and parishes. The image, after prayer of the Bishop, placed in trolley and taken by itself at the Cathedral church of Mary where miracles happen. In 1955 the bishop Timothy decides this image to return in their natural space. Installs the miraculous image of the Virgin in the monastery Revealed Vathyrryakos and begin reconstruction. Beyond the 1960-1962 was the completion of cells that started in 1958 and in 1971 built the spire. Originally (1957) worked as a male monastery and later in 1960 a nunnery. In 1969 it again became single coming of age. In 1970 built the marble throne where the image of Panagia located and in 1971 inaugurated the chapel of the Life Giving Spring. Celebrated on August 23.

Management Body: Holy Metropolis of Komotini and Maronia 

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