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In the South of Rodopi surrounded by olive groves that reach to the sea is Maronia, an important historic town built in the area was the synonym of the ancient city, one of the strongest states of the Greek ancient world. The tiled rooftops descend from the foothills of the mountain Ismaros, to the green hills and the Thracian Sea.
Maronia remains today a large village which deserves to discover the signs that indicate the heyday. Since the Maronites excelled as great merchants and bankers in various centers of Hellenism, in Odessa, Trieste, Alexandria, Istanbul and sent much wealth to their homeland. This prosperity lasted until the end of Ottoman rule.
The village was established in the 16th century rather little further north from where the ancient and glorious and great Maronia course away from the treacherous sea and the Raiders of the times. Climb to the streets over the square with the big tree to see several great examples of urban architecture from which stand mansions of Tavanioti, Hatzialexiou, Pandremenos and Karavas. Nice sample from the bright years is the school"s 1908 donation of Fatsea brothers, who were wealthy Maronites living in Egypt.
Maronia currently maintains a population of approximately 500 residents. It is built at the foot of the mountain Ismaros at 200 m elevation, overlooking the Thracian Sea, Thasos and Samothrace.
In traditional Greek village square with restaurants plane with goat spit and a few meters further down you will find women"s cooperatives that produce a range of local products of exceptional quality known throughout Greece.

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