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East Macedonia & Thrace

Municipal Theatre


The Komotini Municipal Theatre was founded in November 1984 and serves as private legal entity, based in programmatic contract between Regional Theatre - Komotini Municipality and Ministry of Culture. The objectives of the Regional Theatre Komotini are: 1.The organization and presentation of professional theater performances. 2.The development and promotion of local executive artistic potential. 3.The presentation of parallel theatrical and cultural events. 4.The function of amateurish group under the Municipal Theatre in collaboration with the academic community. 5.The participation in artistic and cultural events in Komotini, 6.The highlight of Regional Theatre in vital body of artistic development and intellectual culture, which can consult fruitfully in matters of culture both with the neighboring Balkan peoples, and with overseas Thrakiotes. The Regional Theatre of Komotini operates in a building constructed in 1925 as a Public Employees Club, then housed the Municipal library and converted to a small but functional theater in 1984. capacity is 120 seats.