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The Old Courthouse


The building that until recently housed the courthouse of Komotini, was studied and built by a Dutch architect around 1870 for the sultan Abdul Aziz and his successor Abdul Hamid II on behalf of the Ottoman Administration of that time as Government House.
The courthouse building was used as headquarters by the authorities of the Ottoman Empire until the July of 1913. The Ottoman Administration was maintaining in Komotini (Gkioumourtzina), a courthouse (sanjak), falling in the District (vilayet) Edirne. It is a typical administrative building of the era, similar to other buildings of Constantinople city and beyond.
The Ottoman headquarters of Komotini had a basement and two floors above the ground. It is characteristic that in the basement was detected a prayer room (mescid), used by the the staff of the Ottoman Government House.
Regarding the external decoration of the building, the colonnaded balcony above the main entrance must be mentioned, accessible from the audience of appeal court, with ornate cast iron railing, windows on the ground floor with circular transom frame and decorated with simple performances and windows floor frame and crown circular section.
Inside the building there are particular aesthetic, and sentimental value furniture and structures, such as judicial seats, seats, benches, bookcases, furniture etc.

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