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New Temenos (Yeni Mosque)


The mosque was founded in the late 16th century (1585) by master Ahmet who was head of the financial department of the Ottoman Empire during the reign of Sultan Murad III. The original building had a dome and five smaller ones. The inscription of 1902 located at the southern entrance informs us extensive renovations and expansions of the mosque. From the monumental entrance, one enters the prayer room of the mosque, where the impressive marble mihrab, the recess in the wall that is oriented towards Mecca, which presents sculptures, while beside him is built the famous tiles of Bursa, which decorated flowers and stems, while distinct and inscription from the Quran. Equally impressive is the marble Minbari, the pulpit where the Imam leads the prayer, which is decorated with reliefs and these floral and geometric designs. It should be noted that although the mosque is called "New" (Yeni Mosque) is older by about 25 years of the so-called "Old" Mosque (Eski Mosque).

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