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Nestos river is one of the major rivers of Greece, with great economic and ecological significance. It stems from Rila mountain (2.716m.), in southern Bulgaria, between the Aimos and Rhodope mountain ranges. Its total length is 234km., of which 140km. are located in Greek territory. It enters Greece from the north-central part of the prefecture of Drama between the mountains of western Rhodope, mountain Falakro and mountain Lekani. Then, it is the natural border between Macedonia and Thrace and opens into across from Thasos, forming the delta of Nestos. There are many tributaries and streams that collect water in the ground of the prefecture and are poured in Nestos. From the western of the mountain range, Rhodope and the west Despatis, Mousdelis, the big stream, Diavolorema and Arkoudomera are poured. These aquatic volumes are used for irrigation, energy generation (dams of Temenos, Platanovrisi, Thisavros) and the tourist development of the area. The slopes of the river Nestos and of the lakes are covered mainly by oak forests, while the riparian vegetation of the lakes and streams consists of more aquatic plants. Apart from the oaks, the species that compose the lakeside vegetation are: anchovy, ostrya, ash tree, willows, linden or lime tree, maple, alder, field vineyard, dogwood, hazel, ivy, cedar, plane tree, poplar, blachthorn, acacia, wild roses, bramble, elderflower, rowan etc. The herbaceous vegetation includes common wildflowers of oak forests, and aquatic as well, such as: daisy, bluebell saxifrage, rings, euphorbia peplus, wild strawberry, geranium, lychnis coronaria, wild pansy, angelica, artemisiae, brachypodium, plantago, blue grass, knotweed, crowfoot, dandelion etc. The fauna in the lakeside area includes otters, but also animals that move across the whole region, such as: wolf, fox, wildcatroe, hedgehogs, weasels, wild boar. Also, in the extent of lakes we meet amphibians, such as salamanders, frogs and reptiles such as: grass snakes, viper, lizards, turtles, etc. The fish fauna of the lakes are rich in amounts and include mullets (Leuciscus cefalus, Otthrias brandti), round scaled barbell (Barbus meridionalis, B. plebejus), syrtes (Chondrostoma varbarensis), while in the streams there are trouts (Salmo trutta macrostigma, S. trutta fario ). ( The valley of the river Nestos is restricted between the mountains Rila, Pirin and Rhodope. This position gives the area great beauty as it combines the majestic mountains to the fertile valley in which flows one of the most beautiful rivers in the Balkans, Nestos. The area is a heaven for tourists in summer, since the natural beauty, but also the attractions are generally highlighted in all their splendor and also in winter when the tourists are given the opportunity to enjoy the sport of skiing on slopes with international standards, where competitions involving athletes from around the world, are organized quite often.A well-organized system, which is part of a well thought tourism infrastructure, but also friendly service, always with a smile, allows everyone to enjoy the pleasures of nature, the sights, the wonderful climate and snow-capped high mountains. (NESTOS - MESTA 001).

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