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East Macedonia & Thrace

Medieval bridge in Polyanthos


The bridge is located at the exit of Kompsatos, which stems from mountainous
Rodopi, is crossed Thracian valley and empties into Lake Vistonida. In the surrounding area have identified several sites with pre-Christian and Christian antiquities with main Byzantine castle of Polyanthos and an aisled basilica between the village of Polianthos and the bridge. The three-arched bridge was with two piers and two abutments and direction from West to East. Today survives the middle and eastern arc and the eastern abutment. The middle arc which was slightly raised was the larger. Is open 21.80 m and a height of 12 meters The east has opening 17 m. On two piers are relievers openings with flat base and arched roof. Considered a work of craftsmen from Epirus. It dates to 17th-18th century.

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