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Basketry Museum of Roma


The museum is housed in its own space Thrylorio village, 9.5 km from Komotini following the old highway to Sapes. A sufficient signage. Baskets out from the three national sections of Thrace (Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish) . Museum is the only covering Fact three countries of the Balkan Peninsula, inhabited by numerous groups and compact roma. Εxhibits are gathered extensive product - geographically and temporally - fieldwork in areas of major Thrace. Through the Museum attempted rescue, study, promote and support (moral and physical) of the ancient art of basketry. Simultaneously, the study of the traditional culture of the Romans extended and rescue and other arts (such as the tinner, blacksmith, of psathopoiou of koskinopoiou of manufacturer combs, etc.), so the integration of research to create a Museum - panorama of Roma culture. Moreover, to fully covering the history and character of basketry, exposed creations and two other basketry traditions: a) oreisivion Rhodope, whose roots reach to the Byzantine period and b) the Greek refugees from the Black Sea, Eastern Romelia and Eastern Thrace. Small collections of baskets are scattered folk museums, but there are specialized. It is a rarity for European data and much more for roma. We develop linkages and channels of communication with cultural centers of roma in Europe, as in Budapest, France to England and other countries where similar institutions operate. When referring to institutions of roma in Europe and referred to the Museum of Thrace. 

Visits are allowed after a telephone consultation. There are no restrictions on days and hours (including feasts, public holidays, etc.)

The entrance to the museum costs €2 per person (€1

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