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East Macedonia & Thrace


The Parcharia have their roots in an old Pontian tradition. It was a celebration for the reception of shepherds from the mountain pastures where they lived during the summer. The reception was mainly by the women. "Parcharia" called the Greeks of Pontus" plateaus stretching to the highest slopes and foothills of the Pontic Alps, at altitudes ranging from 1500 until 2500 or even 3000 m. Although the etymology of the word is unclear, in some respects like the word "parchari "be a corruption of "Parachori ", since there the Greeks of Pontus brought all the activity of their villages during the summer months. The festivities take place today, during the summer months and include Pontic music and dances, a variety of traditional Pontian costumes exhibitions, rural and mostly dairy products, local dishes, utensils, paintings, books and other activities.
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