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Tobacco Museum in Xanthi

The building that will house the Tobacco Museum of Xanthi is owned by the Regional Unit of East Macedonia and Thrace and since 1992 has been declared as a work of art and a historical monument.
In April 2001 it was destroyed by arson, but after the efforts of Xanthi prefecture the restoration of the building was proceeded and the first phase was successfully completed. Then it began a specialized planning (interior architectural design, lighting design, electricity installation etc.) in order the building to be converted into a proper exhibition space. However, this study was not completed until the year 2013 when the work was finally backed by the needed funds. This specific case study is now at the stage of completion together with its building permit. At the same time through a contract with the Ministry of Culture & Tourism and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was signed for the preparation of the planning of the project entitled "Establishment of Collection and Museological – Museographical research - study for the Tobacco Museum of Xanthi."
The Tobacco Museum will aim to highlight the social life of Xanthi and its people, in association with the cultivation, production, processing and trading of tobacco. The exhibition will not target the simple presentation of the exhibit material, but the search behind them, the stories that animate and energize the collective memory of the inhabitants of Xanthi and the imagination of its visitors.
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